Currency - EUR HRK
Languages - EN DE HR


While purchasing you have to input your address where you wish your products to be shipped and your phone number in order for the delivery service to contact you and schedule the delivery time. The delivery in Republic of Croatia is done with HPekspres service and the average delivery time is 2-3 days for the ware to be delivered on the specified address. Other countries where we deliver our products are: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Montenegro, Slovenia and Serbia. For every purchase that is more than 200 € (1500 kn) the delivery for the above mentioned countries is free. 

Delivery price list: 
Croatia - 10 € (79 kn) 
Austria - 30 € (199 kn) 
Bosina and Herzegovina - 20 € (149 kn) 
Germany - 30 € (199 kn) 
Montenegro - 20 € (149 kn) 
Slovenia - 15 € (119 kn) 
Serbia - 20 € (149 kn) 

We also offer the free service of picking up your ordered products at one of our shops.


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