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These terms and conditions determine the process of making an user account, orders, payments, shipping and return of products that are offered on this web site. BLEUHOMME.com Web pages can be used for your private needs without any charge, but according to the following terms and conditions.

The seller is BLEU HOMME Ltd. and the buyer is the visitor of this website who fills out the order in electronic form, sends it to the seller and pays by credit card or via bank transfer.


In order to make purchases through BLEUHOMME.com web shop you need to open a user account. Your user account can be opened before purchasing by clicking on „My Account“ or during checkout of your cart. When opening your user account the user must identity himself by entering his email address and by choosing his password. Afterwards will the user have to leave his personal data such as first and last name, date of birth, address and phone number. BLEU HOMME Ltd. commits not to distribute the data to a third party.

The user himself is responsible for the consequences of using his user account. BLEUHOMME.com has the right to disable the user's account without warning or compensation if it is against the terms of sale, if the user does not pay the purchase fee or because of other reasons which are against the interests of the seller.


The buyer orders the product(s) through a electronic order form. A buyer is any person who buys a product through the electronic form, fills out the required data and places an order. All prices are by default expressed in Croatia's national currency (HRK), the Croatian Kuna (short kn), with VAT. The buyer has an additional option to see prices in Euro. The goods are ordered in electronic form, by clicking on a certain product and by placing them in the shopping cart. The goods are considered ordered when the buyer chooses and confirms the payment method.


The ordered products can be paid online with one of the following debit or credit cards: American Express®, MasterCard®, Maestro®, Diners or Visa.


The ordered products are packed in the manner not be damaged during the usual manipulation. When accepting the goods the buyer is required to check the condition of the order and report to the deliverer (employee of the company that delivers) if it is damaged. The seller renounces all liability regarding damages which occur during the delivery.

If the buyer does not receive the goods or a notice about the delivery in the expected time after it has been sent, the buyer has the right to inform the seller about it to undertake required actions or to send a replacement package. If the buyer refuses to accept the ordered goods upon delivery, the seller has the right to ask from the buyer to compensate all costs that re related to the delivery. The seller agrees to send the package to the buyer when he receives an confirmation of the payment in which the transaction is approved. After receiving the confirmation the seller agrees to send the package within 5 (five) working days. After the deliverer (the company that does the delivery) receives the package from the seller, the seller is no longer liable for the further course of the delivery and possible delays or problems that might appear regarding further manipulation and delivery of the goods.


The seller agrees to deliver the product which is accurate to the description of www.BLEUHOMME.com. The picture that illustrates the product on the Internet website does not need to match the real appearance of the product and the buyer can not make reclaims on that issue.

The seller is not responsible for possible damages and other liabilities in the domain of the deliverer (in Croatia the delivery makes Hpekspres, and for other countries Eurodis and UPS)


The buyer has the right within 14 days to one-sidedly terminate the product purchase contract and not giving the reason of doing so. The 14 day period starts from the day when the buyer or a third party determined by the buyer, which is not the deliverer, is handed in the product which is the subject of the contract.

In case the buyer ordered multiple products with one order which need to be delivered separately, as well as products which are delivered in multiple pieces or multiple deliveries, the 14 day period starts when the buyer or a third party determined by the buyer, which is not the deliverer, is handed in the last piece or the last delivery of the product(s). In case a regular delivery is agreed upon throughout a certain period of time, the 14 day period starts when the buyer or a third party determined by the buyer, which is not the deliverer, is handed in the first piece or the first delivery of the product(s).

The buyer is obliged to inform the seller about his decision on the one sided termination of the contract before the end of the period through a termination form or any other unequivocal statement in which the buyer expresses his will to terminate the contract. In case of a one sided termination of the contract, the buyer must return the goods, without further delay, within 14 days after informing the seller.

If the buyer exercises his right to a one sided termination of the contract, the parties are not required to fulfill their obligations of the contract and each party is required to return to the other party what he or she received based on the contract.


In case of a dispute between the buyer and the seller, any party can file a complaint to the Court of Honor at the Croatian Chamber of Economy, the Court of Honor at the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts or a conciliation proposal at the arbitration mediation conciliation centers.


All rights on texts, images and illustrations which are situated on the website BLEUHOMME.com are reserved. The owner is BLEU HOMME d.o.o. The buyer agrees that he or she will not unauthorized copy, derive or use for personal commercial purposes. Any complete or partially reproduction of the content from the BLEUHOMME.com website is strictly prohibited.


BLEUHOMME.com uses your email address to send you periodically notifications (newsletter). This option can be deactivated at any time in your user profile. BLEUHOMME.com Website uses cookies to personalize its service and experience of browsing our web pages. The cookies record your visit and allow to continue from your previous progress.


BLEU HOMME d.o.o. is not responsible for the content of the internet web pages which are through hypertext links mentioned on BLEUHOMME.com website.


BLEU HOMME d.o.o. has the rights to change these conditions and rules. All changes will be applied on using the BLEUHOMME.com website. The buyer bears the responsibilty for the accuracy and completeness of the data during the purchase.

The services that BLUEHOMME.com webshop offers does not include expenses which you have for using your computer equipment and the service for using our web pages. BLEU HOMME d.o.o. is not responsible for the expenses of your phone, internet traffic or any other expenses that might occur. Although we try to provide the best possible service, BLEU HOMME d.o.o. does not guarantee that the service will be without errors. If it comes to an error, please report them on our phone or email address: info@bleuhomme.com to correct those errors in the fastest possible way.